Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Company

An online academy that runs English – based group courses for students around the globe . Alongside improving general English language skills and thinking approaches to perform well at school, Insight Academy nurtures innovative thinking, develops life skills and encourages resilience as foundations for future success. We run online classes encourage students to apply their knowledge and skills from school studies to real – world scenarios. We enjoy seeing our courses transform learning and creative thinking to develop well – rounded students who achieve, and exceed, their grades. 

Our Services:

    • Virtual short courses (group-based)
    • Insight Odyssey (Summer School)
    • Cambridge & IELTS English language
    • 1:1 Tuition for UK School Entrance Tests
    • Running Workshops online/in-person
    • Saturday School Oxbridge Mentoring


Generations of young learners with creative flair who can express their ideas and innovate solutions to world problems.


To run fun and dynamic, online courses that allow students that allow students to learn, innovate and express their ideas.


  • Develop creative thinking to enhance opinions and innovate solutions.
  • Nurturing student confidence to express their hopes and dreams in English.
  • Use of logic and methods to achieve and exceed personal goals.

"We help identify your goals and mentor you to achieve them, developing knowledge and skills that last for a life time"

MD Joyce

Other services

  • Private Tutoring

  • Career mentoring

  • Winter & Summer Camps

  • Teacher Training & Masterclasses