Oxbridge Scholars Programme (A level)

  • Starts in January and runs through to December.
  • Introduces university level thinking learning alongside A level or IB studies.
  • Choose 1 of 3 strands: Humanities, Bio-sciences & Medicine, Maths-based subjects to prepare for admissions to Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, UCL, Imperial College & Medical Schools.
  • Develop strategies for university entrance tests including the LNAT (Law), BMAT/UCAT (Medicine), TSA (Politics, Economics), MAT (Maths), NSAA and others.
  • Learn how to give structure your answer to academic and admissions interview questions.
  • Engage with students from different nationalities, learning new subject-specific vocabulary.
  • Enhance your independent study and problem-solving skills.
  • Receive expert advice on universities, courses & colleges.
  • Brainstorm and produce an outstanding first draft of your university personal statement.
  • Online teaching delivered over 16 x1.5hr sessions (24hrs total).
  • Runs Saturdays (to see timings, scroll down to booking options).
  • Graduate onto the one-to-one Oxbridge Mentoring Programme by invitation.

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Oxbridge Scholars Programme (For A level or IB Students)

Choose ONE of 3 strands:  Problem-solving; Bioscience or Humanities. 

Enquire about creating in-house Oxbridge Scholars Programe at your school

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